‘Umrah Badal on behalf of the deceased

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Question: Regarding the ‘umrah, can the ‘umrah be performed on behalf of another, since my father has died without performing the ‘umrah – and I live [too] far away [to do so on his behalf myself]?

Response: Yes, ‘umrah can be performed on behalf of your father and this is [considered as] honouring him.

And if he had asked for the ‘umrah to be performed on his behalf, then his request should be carried out.

So the one appointed to perform the ‘umrah on his behalf should be paid from his estate an amount with which he is able to [cover the expenses to] perform ‘umrah, and if he had not made the request [to have ‘umrah performed on his behalf], then [doing so] is considered as honouring him, particularly if he had not performed the obligatory [first] ‘umrah [himself], then the obligatory [first] ‘umrah should be performed on his behalf.

And any ‘umrah other than the obligatory [first] one will be considered as voluntary – and therein is immense reward.

So if he wants to perform a voluntary ‘umrah on behalf of his father, then this [is considered as] honouring him and extending good to him. Yes.

Translation originally published on 9 December, 2015

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