Husband permits non-mahram men to freely enter house

Reference: Ishratun-Nisaa wa Hill al-Khilaafaat az-Zowjiyyah – Page 212
Fataawa Noorun ‘alad-Darb – Volume 2, Page 117

Question: A husband became angry at his wife and said to her that he will permit non-mahram men to [freely] enter the house. If this husband was a faasiq (open sinner) and his wife feared that he would [indeed] permit non-mahram men to [freely] enter the house is it [therefore] permissible for her to leave her husband’s house and go to her father’s house and ask for divorce?

Response: Why would he permit non-mahram men to [freely] enter the house? What is the reason for that?

[Well], he said so with his own tongue.

I say: wait, and do not leave the [husband’s] house until he permits [non-mahram] men to [freely] enter the house. And if he does so, and forces you to remain in their company with your face uncovered, then in this case it is your right to seek divorce from him. However, I do not believe that a man who believes in Allaah and the Last Day, and he has the honour of a man over his wife that he would do such a thing.

And whoever does away with the hijaab [claiming it is haraam to cover the face], then there is no doubt that he lacks in knowledge, religion and honour, and he must not be obeyed in this, rather it is obligatory upon the woman to disobey her husband if he orders her to uncover her face claiming it is obligatory [to do so].

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