Leaving Minaa for a need and returning later

Reference: Duroos wa Fataawa al-Hajj – Volume 1, Page 17, No.23

Question: Is it permissible for those who live in the district of al-’Azeeziyah in Makkah to pray the Zhuhr [prayer] in Minaa, then go home [to al-’Azeeziyah] for a need, then return to Minaa, and pray the remainder of the obligatory [prayers there]?

Response: There is no harm [in doing that], however remaining in Minaa for [the duration of] the [entire] day and the night is better. [So] it is permissible for him to go to Makkah or any [other] neighbouring place for a need – during the day, or the first part of the night, or the last part of the night and then return [back to Minaa].

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