Seek repentance, regularly


Rawaa.i’ at-Tafseer – al-Jaami’ li-Tafseer Ibn Rajab – v1, p314

Ibn Rajab said:

It is not befitting for the believer to begin the day or the evening except in a state of repentance, for indeed he does not know when death may strike – [whether] in the morning or the evening.

So whoever begins the day or the evening on other than repentance, then he is in danger. That is because it is feared he may meet Allaah not having repented, and as such he will be assembled [along] with the wrongdoers, [as] Allaah Ta’aala says:

{And whoever does not repent – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.}, soorah al-Hujuraat, aayah 11

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