The first of Allaah’s Creation

Reference: Fataawa ‘Abdullaah ibn Humayd – Question No.3, Page 16

Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim to say ‘O the first of Allaah’s Creation’ – in praise of [the Prophet] Muhammad ﷺ?

Response: [The Prophet] Muhammad ﷺ is the best of Allaah’s creation, and the highest of them in rank, however, he was not the first of Allaah’s Creation; it was not Aadam (‘alayhis-salaam) nor Muhammad ﷺ, rather, the first of Allaah’s Creation was the Throne [of Allaah].

As for what has been narrated that Allaah created Muhammad from light, and that he has joined his name with His, and that when Aadam was created and his soul was blown into him he saw his name written on the Throne [of Allaah] – then nothing about this has authentically been reported from the [Prophet] Muhammad ﷺ; and Allaah [alone] has the Complete knowledge [of all affairs].

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