Taking photographs

Reference: Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah lil-Buhooth al-‘Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa., – Volume 1, Page 670, Question 8 of Fatwa No.3592

Question: Is taking photographs with a camera haraam or not?

Response: Yes. Taking photgraphs of [all] that which has a soul [from amongst the humans and animals] with a camera and other than it is haraam. And it is upon the one who takes the photograph to repent to Allaah and seek His forgiveness and feel sad at that which has come to pass from his actions and not to return to it.

And with Allaah lies all success and may Allaah send prayers and salutations upon our Prophet ﷺ and his family and his companions.

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