He stopped fasting and praying for a number of years

Whilst studying abroad, a man abandoned the prayer for a number of years, and he [also] stopped fasting for three years. When he returned back [home] to his country, he repented [to Allaah]; so should he make up the prayers and fasts [he has missed]?

The authenticity of fasting six days in Shawwaal

[Statements] have recently appeared – particularly via means of communication – from those who say there is no evidence to support fasting six days in Shawwaal, and [instead] it has come to interrupt the ‘Eed of the Muslims, so what is your opinion regarding this speech?

Whilst fasting, postpartum bleeding starts again

A woman who gave birth finds her postpartum bleeding has ceased within a week [of giving birth] and then purifies herself, thereafter she fasts alongside the rest of the Muslims in Ramadhaan for a number of days, but then her bleeding starts up again – should she then refrain from fasting in this condition?

Not fasting in Ramadhaan due to military duties

I am a soldier and Ramadhaan has arrived, so is it permissible for me to refrain from fasting, bearing in mind that my [military] duties do not help me when I’m fasting (i.e. he experiences much hardship)?