Sighting the new moon of Ramadhaan 1438 – High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia

Just a short time ago, Fatwa-Online was informed of the official announcement of the High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia, inviting local Muslims to search for the new moon of Ramadhaan 1438, this Thursday evening, 29 Sha’baan (25 May, 2017) – in accordance with the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhi wa sallam): […]

Making time for the Qur.aan during Ramadhaan

Reference: Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa – Volume 10, Page 272 Regarding al-Ma.moon, it has been narrated that he completed the recitation of the Qur.aan thirty three times during Ramadhaan. Translator’s note: While from one angle this worship is something praiseworthy, it must be noted that adhering to the Sunnah takes precedence, as it has been authentically reported […]