An elevated level of manners

Sharh al-Arba’een an-Nawawiyyah

Two adversaries came to Prophet Daawood ‘alayhis-salaam, and one of them said [to him]:

{Indeed this, my brother, has ninety-nine ewes, and I have one ewe; so he said, ‘Entrust her to me,’ and he overpowered me in speech.} [soorah Saad, aayah 23]

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen commented:

They are adversaries, yet he [refers to him as] “my brother”!

This is [indeed] an elevated level of manners.

If this [dispute occurred] during our time [today], [you will find] he would certainly have said [something like] “indeed this [man] is a criminal, an oppressor!!

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