Reconciling between my parents and my wife

Reference: Fataawa Noor ‘alad-Darb – Question No.6489, Page 312, Volume 12

Question: How should a Muslim reconcile between keeping his parents happy and his wife happy? [I am asking about this] since my parents are not at ease with my wife, and nor is my wife at ease with them. [As for me,] then I am happy with my wife and children, so what do you advise me with?

Response: We advise you to try your best to reconcile between your wife and your parents – and if they are reconciled, then that is a blessing from Allaah upon [you] all. And if there is no reconciliation, then seek your parents’ permission to leave the home with your wife and children. And it is good if [you were to move] close to your parents’ home, so it makes it easier for you to [regularly] visit them.

And if you were to move out [with your wife and children] for this reason, then there is no harm in you having done so, because this is better than to spend [your] married life unhappy – and likewise for your parents to be unhappy [too]; either that, or you separate from your wife and children [and remain with your parents].

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