That which is recommended for the day of ‘Eed al-Fitr

Reference: Fataawa Ramadhaan – Volume 2, Page 947, Fatwa No.934
Fataawa as-Siyaam libni Jibreen – Page 181

Question: What is recommended for us to do on the day of ‘Eed al-Fitr?

Response: On the day of ‘Eed al-Fitr the Muslims display their joy at completing the fasting and the standing (the night prayer) and all other forms of worship. For certainly that is amongst the greatest blessings which Allaah has granted his servants. So they begin firstly by reciting the takbeer (the saying of: Allaahu Akbar (Allaah is the Greatest)) on the night before the ‘Eed [continuing] until the following day before the [‘Eed] prayer. Then they leave first thing in the morning to perform this worship which is the ‘Eed prayer in a specific manner. And this takes place outside the town [in an open officially designated area] with both men and women in attendance. Then they return [full of] joy and happiness at this blessing and begin exchanging greetings and well-wishing [each other] and they visit each other eating [throughout] the day as a sign of the end of this act of worship (fasting).

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