Incredible story of the Christian Indian prisoner embracing Islaam


Christian Indian prisoner announces his embracing Islaam yesterday, after leaving prison, when he saw the justice of the Sharee’ah (Islaamic) judicial system towards him.

Our brother, Shaykh Haanee al-Haarithee says:

[Some news] reached me from one of [my] colleagues who is a judge:

[An incident] occurred, with my colleague – Shaykh Mansoor ash-Shithree, at the [Sharee’ah] court of Abha. He says – and may Allaah grant him towfeeq: Today, Monday 4 Rabee’ al-Awwal, 1434 [14 January, 2013], before me is the case of an Arabic-speaking Indian Christian, who was imprisoned; He had been accused of theft, yet there was no proof against him. He was unjustly accused by an old man, and [so] the Bureau of Investigation – may Allaah guide them – made a complaint against him.

I dismissed the case of the prosecutor, because of the lack of evidence, and ordered his [immediate] release from prison. And I explained to him that his guilt has not been proven to me, so I released him from this case.

And it was only minutes [later] that the [court] clerk came to me, saying “the Indian prisoner has requested to meet you”. So I went out to him and he then said “I want to embrace Islaam”. As a result of that, I became extremely happy and I requested from him to [repeat] the two testimonies [i.e., to testify that none is truly worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah (لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله)] and he did so.

He said to me: Even though I am innocent, I was 100% certain that you would rule against me, because I am a Christian. So when you acknowledged my innocence [by dismissing this case], I knew this was a great religion.

Associate Professor, [Shaykh] ‘Aasim ibn ‘Abdillaah al-Qaryooti

قصة هندي نصراني مسجون يعلن إسلامه أمس بعد خروجه من السجن لما رآه من عدل القضاء الشرعي فيه يقول أخونا الشيخ هاني الحارثي:

وصلني من أحد الزملاء القضاة:

حدث في محكمة أبها لدى زميلنا الشيخ منصور الشثري يقول وفقه الله لدي اليوم الأثنين 1434/2/4:

قضية هندي مسيحي مسجون ويجيد العربية ، متهم بسرقة وليس عليه اي بينة بل اتهم تعسفيا من شايب ،وهيئة التحقيق الله يهديهم رفعوا عليه دعوى عامة.

صرفت النظر عن دعوى المدعي العام لعدم البينة الموصلة، وأمرت بإطلاق سراحه من السجن، وأفهمته بأنه لم يثبت لدي إدانته، وأنني أخليت سبيله من هذه القضية.

وما هي إلا دقائق ويأتيني الموظف ويقول أن السجين الهندي يطلب مقابلتك، فخرجت له، فقال: إنني أريد أن أسلم، ففرحت فرحا عظيما وأنطقته الشهادتين فنطقهما.

وقال لي:

إنني كنت أجزم 100% أنك ستحكم علي مع أني بريء لأني مسيحي فلما برأتني علمت أن هذا الدين عظيم.

أ.د. عاصم بن عبدالله القريوتي

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