O my Lord! My sins are great in number

Reference: https://twitter.com/dr_albukhary/status/1595723698698346500

Tahdheeb al-Kamaal, v18, p412

In the biography of the Khaleefah, ‘Abdul-Malik ibn Marwaan, [it states]:

He delivered an eloquent khutbah, and then [abruptly] stopped and began weeping profusely.

Then, he said: “O my Lord, indeed my sins are great [in number], and certainly a little of your forgiveness is greater than them! So with a little of your forgiveness, wipe my great [number of] sins.”

And [when] this reached al-Hasan al-Basree, he wept, saying: “If there was [any] speech to be written in gold, then this speech would be written [in gold].”

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